Elegant, Spirited, and Enduring

Our Philosopy

Our ranch in Dimmit County, Texas has been in the same family for four generations. We are a mother - daughter team, carving a niche for ourselves in the family business. Evelyn developed her love for material during her undergraduate studies in textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Sarah is devoted to sustainable ranching practices and beautiful design.  When the Bison herd was started in 1999 we felt a responsibility to honor the animal by not only utilizing its nutritious meat, but also by creating beautiful leather products from its magnificent hides.

Dedicated to raising bison with the respect they deserve, we at Thunderheart Bison are passionate about our products and our process. We are the first bison ranch in the United States awarded with the Animal Welfare Approved ( AWA) certification, the “most stringent” humane animal welfare standards according to the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Our animals are raised wild and free on the vast  savannah grass lands of South Texas, where they have historically grazed for centuries. As stewards of the land and the bison, our mission is to utilize as much of the animal as we can. The distinctive hides are cured and  vegetable tanned in Guanajuato, Mexico, then bench-made by master craftsmen. There are often scratches and small imperfections in the leather which is evidence of the animals' life in the South Texas borderlands, full of mesquite, acacia, and paloverde.  In our design every detail is considered. From the hardware to the stitching our aim is to create a product that is elegant, spirited, and enduring.