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By Robin Chotzinoff
 | Photography by Marla Camp

In the morning, before the heat sets in, Hugh Fitzsimmons drives his truck down rutted wheel tracks, looking for signs of his bison herd. He’s in no hurry, though his ranch is vast.

“Thirteen thousand acres,” he says. “More than I deserve.” Five miles per hour is slow enough to notice the richness in the endless grass, and Hugh likes to point out the details. Whip snake. Roadrunner. Jack rabbit. Mesquite. A 1920s-era windmill, revolving slowly. Read More >


Animal Welfare Approved: Shape Ranch

Shape Ranch, producer of Thunder Heart Bison, is owned and run by Hugh and Sarah Fitzsimons. The ranch was purchased by Hugh’s grandfather, H. A. Fitzsimons, in 1933 and it has been in the family ever since. Although originally stocked with Hereford cattle and steers, Hugh made the spontaneous decision to begin a herd of bison and now raises 350 head. Not only are bison indigenous to Texas, and therefore naturally adapted to live off the land, but they also produce a very healthy meat. Hugh appreciates this, noting, “Bison is probably the purest form of protein you can find.” Bison meat is low in cholesterol and fat, and high in omega 3. Read More >

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Features: Model Bison Rancher Hugh Fitzsimons of Thunder Heart Bison, Shape Ranch

Marla Camp talks about the importance of humane and traditional farming practices. Marla is joined with author Lisa Hamilton, Animal Welfare Approved program director Andrew Gunther and rancher Hugh Fitzsimons. Listen to the archives here >